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Archil Gugberidze

Archil is an Actor/Screenwriter based in New York City and he comes from the Country of Georgia - Motherland of Wine. After graduating the country’s #1 Math School, he went on to study Business Administration and Economics in The American University in Bulgaria. There he took part in various plays, two of which he Directed, and was a Dancer/Actor in the musical “Catch Me if You Can”, produced by The Broadway Performance Club. He was awarded with the Al Cyrus Theatre Award.

Archil was enrolled at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in NYC, where he deepened his Acting and Screenwriting knowledge. Recently he worked with the Director Marshall Curry on a Short Film “The Neighbors’ Window”, which earned Marshall his first Academy Award and the fourth nomination.

Archil is also the author of the book “Bipolar: 5 Short Screenplays and their Philosophical Analyses”, which was published in May of 2020 on He has appeared in various magazines, based on his success. Currently Archil is a Student Mentor at The American Corner Tbilisi, where he teaches Critical Thinking through American Cinema. He is also working on his upcoming Film “Alternative”.

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Fun facts: Archil has never tasted coffee, ever. His favorite food is Fig. His biggest goal is to work with Christopher Nolan. On his free time, Archil enjoys working out and watching Movies.

Who Am I?


The earliest memory I have is watching “The Gladiator” with my grandma and my uncle. The emotional rollercoaster I experienced was unforgettable, and I went on to re-watch the film countless times.

Five-year-old me already knew that I wanted to evoke emotions in people, the way they were evoked in me every single time I saw the film. This became the base of my passion for Acting. Acting is sharing humanity back to itself, and that is what I do.

I was in the Oscar-Winning Short, The Neighbor’s Window. The movie tells the story of a middle-aged woman with small children whose life is shaken up when two free-spirited, twenty-somethings move in across the street.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from the collaboration with the Academy Award Winning Director is this: The more you leave your comfort zone, the luckier you become.


When listening to “The Weeknd” album in March, I thought of ways of sharing my creative work to people. Instagram came to my mind at first, a platform where a lot of graphic designers, photographers and painters reveal their art.

However, uploading a screenshot of a Screenplay on a platform full of visual content was not a good idea. So, I decided to create my version of a “Music Album” and instead of songs, it would include short Screenplays and their analyses. This was the birth of The Book, Bipolar. for more details go here.

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Fade In

I wrote my first screenplay at the age of 13 and, unlike acting, I never thought that this would become an inseparable part of me.

We are all storytellers. From cavemen painting their hunting processes on the walls to Hollywood spending $200 million on a blockbuster. The truth is that the only person who looks at the blank page is a Screenwriter. It all starts from him/her.